The power supply provides outlets to power the electronics in the library cabinet, including those in the rack.

Hardware Edit

The power supply is a Pyle PDBC70 15 Amp Power Supply 1800VA Rack Mountable Power Strip Surge Protector with 9 available outlets.

Outlet Setup Edit

Outlet 1 Edit

Outlet 1 is dedicated to networking equipment. It is connected via a three-outlet extension chord to:

  • The modem
  • The gateway
  • The switch

Outlet 2 Edit

Outlet 2 is dedicated to entertainment devices. It connects to a Smart Strip surge protector that services:

  • The receiver (control outlet)
  • The Dish Network Hopper 3 (a controlled outlet)
  • The HDMI WiFi Transmitter (a controlled outlet)
  • The Logitech Harmony Hub (an uncontrolled outlet)

Outlet 3 Edit

Outlet 3 connects to smarthome devices. It connects to a power strip dedicated to:

  • The Phillips Hue hub
  • The SmartThings hub

Outlet 4 Edit

Outlet 4 is dedicated to security devices, connecting to:

  • The Abode hub
  • The Kevo Plus hub (reserved)
  • The Arlo camera hub (reserved)

Outlet 5 Edit

Outlet 5 is dedicated to office devices, servicing:

  • The network attached storage
  • The printer

Outlet 6 Edit

Outlet 7 Edit

Outlet 8 Edit

Outlet 9 Edit

Outlet 9 is for rack systems, powering:

  • The rack fans
  • The rack air conditioning (reserved)
  • The backup power supply (reserved)