The switch resides in slot 4 of the rack in the library cabinet. It receives an Internet connection from the gateway and allows other devices to connect to the Internet by connecting to the switch ports.

Hardware Edit

The switch is a Ubiquiti US-16-150W UniFi Switch. It provides 16 ports, each capable of supplying 150W of power via Power Over Ethernet (POE). The switch is powered through outlet 1 of the power supply.

Switch Configuration Edit

Port 1 Edit

Port 1 is used as an input port for connecting to the Internet. Port 1 is connected to the gateway.

Ports 2-4 Edit

Ports 2-4 are used to distribute an Internet connection to various WiFi access points around the house. See network.

Port 2 Edit

Port 2 connects to the centralized main access point in the library .

Port 3 Edit

Port 3 is reserved for a future wired connection to an access point on the front porch.

Port 4 Edit

Port 4 is reserved for a future wired connection to an access point on the back porch

Ports 5-8 Edit

Ports 5-8 are used for smarthome security hubs.

Port 5 Edit

Port 5 connects to the Abode security hub.

Port 6 Edit

Port 6 is reserved for a Kevo Plus hub.

Port 7 Edit

Port 7 is reserved for an Arlo camera hub.

Port 8 Edit

Port 8 is currently unassigned.

Ports 9-12 Edit

Ports 9-12 are used for miscellaneous smarthome hubs. Until a larger port is purchased, we are also using ports 9-12 for entertainment devices

Port 9 Edit

Port 9 connects to the Phillips Hue hub

Port 10 Edit

Port 10 connects to the Samsung SmartThings hub

Port 11 Edit

Port 11 is reserved for the receiver.

Port 12 Edit

Port 12 connects to the Dish Network Hopper 3

Ports 13-16 Edit

Ports 13-16 provide connectivity for the office.

Port 13 Edit

Port 13 is reserved for the printer.

Port 14 Edit

Port 14 is reserved for the Network Attached Storage

Port 15 Edit

Port 15 is reserved for the office phone

Port 16 Edit

Port 16 is reserved for the office computer

Future Plans Edit

A future 48 port switch is planned to support entertainment devices. The additional ports will be needed to connect a wired home speaker setup.